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Actionable Workshops. Networking Fun in Bali.

1 – 4 November 2019 | Bali

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What is DMSS?



Full of inspiration, knowledge, networking and fun



Presenting strategies, tricks and insights to help you accelerate



Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Agency owners


Tropical Bali, Social Events, Digital Lifestyle and Mindfulness

4 Days of Networking, Marketing knowledge and Bali

Does the word conference bring up memories of suited professionals droning on about… well, you can’t quite remember what? Awkward socializing, shameless sales pitching, branded pens.

At DMSS it’s a totally different game. You’ll have fun all the time because:

  • The topics are attention-grabbing & the presenters entertaining
  • The stuff you’ll learn is fascinating and applicable
  • The peak performance & mindfulness activities will transform how you experience life
  • Afterparties & networking events will create unforgettable memories

When you come to DMSS, make sure to bring the swimmers and sunglasses.

Companies speaking include

Inspiration, creativity and joy

At DMSS, we are bringing together digital thought-leaders to explore the spaces of Digital Marketing and shaking its edges through inspiration, creativity and joy.

When you leave DMSS you will  feel empowered, inspired and motivated to accelerate your Digital Marketing success; you will feel joyful and creative about your job and life. Through an open and positive environment you will have created meaningful connections, you will have felt the positive effects of joy, community and mindfulness.

Be part of this extraordinary journey, both personally and professionally!

What you can expect

On the 31st of October - starting at 5pm - we invite you to join our Welcome Drink at the Rooftop Bar of the Trans Resort.


1st of November

Conference Day 1

Day (9am - 5pm)

  • Morning Yoga
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Inspirational Keynote
  • 15+ Talks
  • Mindfulness Session
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Coffee Breaks & Networking

Night (5pm - 9pm)

  • After Party @ Secret Location


2nd of November

Conference Day 2

Day (9am - 5pm)

  • Wim Hof Workshop
  • Inspirational Keynote
  • 15+ Talks
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Mindfulness Session
  • Coffee Breaks & Networking
  • Takeaways-Workshop
  • Closing Ceremony

Night (6pm - 12pm)

  • After-Party @ La Favela


3rd of November

Workshop Day

Day AM (9am - 1pm)

Day PM (2pm - 6pm)

  • [Extra Ticket Required]
  • SEO Workshop
  • Lunch, Coffee & Snacks

Night (7pm - 11pm)

  • Intimate Villa Party
  • [Free Access for Workshop or Networking Ticket Holders]


4th of November

Networking Day

Day (9am - 9pm)


Watch our trailer to see what’s coming up

What you will learn

DMSS is about sharing digital marketing knowledge. From real marketers to real marketers. Heart to heart and made with love and integrity. Our experts work in the field every day and they share their best secrets and tactics. Our common goal is for you to succeed in your business and marketing efforts.



  • Data-driven content creation
  • SEO testing
  • Technical audit and optimization

Web analytics & CRO

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Data & Analytics 
  • Funnel Optimization

Social Media

  • Facebook Ads & Instagram
  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Email Automation

Digital Lifestyle

  • Flow states & Peak Performance
  • Wim Hof Method
  • Yoga, Meditation& Visualisation
  • Mindfulness


Learn from our marketing experts that are rocking the industry every day.

Marketing Speakers

Ryan Bell

Media Strategist - NASA JPL

Gary Illyes

Chief of Sunshine and Happiness - Google

Roger Graham

Head of Asia - Hootsuite

Andrea Vahl

Speaker, Author, Strategist - Andrea Vahl Inc

Paul Ramondo

CEO - RamondoMedia Pty Ltd

Adam Tuttle

Head of Sales - ActiveCampaign

Ashley Ward

Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist - Madhouse Marketing

Gael Breton

Founder - Authority Hacker

Charles Floate


Kyle Roof

SEO Analyst - High Voltage SEO

Izzi Smith

SEO Manager - SIXT

Nils Kattau

Conversion Specialist

Fernando Angulo

Head of International Partnerships - SEMRush

Hanne Vervaeck

Chief Operations Manager - Thrive Themes

Marc Webster

Co-Founder - Authority Hacker

Si Quan

Customer Success & Marketing Manager - Ahrefs

Marc Wesseling

Founder & director - UltraSuperNew

Justin Lee

Head of Growth Chatbots & Messaging - HubSpot

Oliver Brett

SEO Manager - Screaming Frog

Donna Moritz

Visual Content Strategist - Socially Sorted

Cassie Downton

Senior SEO Consultant - Marie Haynes Consulting

Callum Scott

Senior SEO Consultant - Marie Haynes Consulting

Robbie Richards

Founder of & SEO Director at Virayo

Julian Jünemann

Creator - MeasureSchool

Mark Randall

Country Manager, ANZ - WPEngine

Andrea D'Ottavio

Founder & CEO - Webing Academy

Andraz Stalec

CEO - Red Orbit

Povilas Brand

Povilas Brand

Visionary, Digital Architect, Coach, Investor, Author

Despina Gavoyannis

Founder - Agency Scale Up

Brie Moreau

Senior SEO Consultant - White Light Digital Marketing

Keynote Speakers

Ryan Bell

Media Strategist - NASA JPL

Cate Murden

Founder - PUSH Mind and Body

Digital Lifestyle Speakers

Richard Ayling

Coach - Re-Align Coaching

David Hans-Barker

Director - YogiLab/Guide Education/The Istana

Niraj Naik

Niraj Naik

Holistic Health & Breathwork Expert - SOMA Breath

Juliette Leufke & Sheranne Wong

Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

Magda Kay

Marketing Specialist & Life Coach


Edward Murray

Natasha Zolotareva

Workshops & Networking

The DMSS experience doesn’t stop after 2 days of conference!
To get the full program, check out our actionable workshops and our Networking Day.

High-level, actionable workshops

Put your newly acquired skills right into action!
In our 4-hours SEO Workshop and Funnel Workshop, you get the chance to deep-dive into the presented techniques, ask our experts your burning questions, receive customised feedback and enjoy high-level pow-wows.
Join our inner circle of experts! This is a one-time opportunity to be united with the smartest minds and really get the insiders you need to kickstart your own digital success.


Inspiring, open networking

What would DMSS be without fun networking, time to surf and enjoy sunset drinks at the beach? There is no doubt that this day has always been the most favourite part for our speakers and participants.
You will believe it, if you hear that we’ve rented a private beach front villa, where we will host panels, expert discussions, legendary parties and sunset cocktails.
Trust us, you don’t want to miss this part especially as it gives YOU a chance to hang out casually with our speakers!


“I have been loving my time here at DMSS. Definitely one of my favourite conferences that I’ve attended. This conference has it all: the people, the location and the knowledge. If you can only book 1 conference a year – it must be DMSS!”

Ryan Kartzke | SEO & Product Owner | Agoda

“This conference has been absolutely incredible. We have all had such a great time networking and getting to know everyone and getting a lot of great insider tips that you probably wouldn’t otherwise get from just a typical conference.”

Britney Muller | Senior SEO Scientist | MOZ

“The conference itself has been amazing. I have learned a lot of new things, that I don’t normally don’t learn at other conferences. I’ve met so many different people that I wouldn’t normally associate with, which has developed a lot of new relationships for myself. I even connected with Britney Muller from MOZ, which I absolutely didn’t expect. But this shows the power of this networking event and DMSS itself! “

Charles Floate | SEO Entrepreneur

“DMSS is awesome! This event is a fantastic career accelerator for anyone in digital marketing space. The connections and depth of knowledge are unparalleled.”

Despina | Digital Marketer

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Richard Ayling

Coach - Re-Align Coaching

Richard Ayling trained personally with Wim Hof to become one of the first international Wim Hof Method instructors, having used the method to overcome his autoimmune disease, and combines these techniques with flow state practices to help people and businesses deliver peak performance around the world. He regularly speaks at international festivals and conferences, and holds workshops specialising in mindset, health, breath work and flow. He is fascinated and driven by human growth and potential, and as a coach helps entrepreneurs and creatives show up as more purpose-driven to have a much bigger impact on their businesses, as well as a deeper connection and fulfilment in their personal lives, which ultimately spreads out into everything they do. He regularly speaks at international festivals and conferences, and holds workshops specialising in mindset, health, breath work and flow. He is fascinated and driven by human growth and potential, and in his coaching helps entrepreneurs and creatives show up as more purpose-driven to have a much bigger impact on their businesses and fulfilment in their personal lives.