"Every great project, begins with an even better story. Here is ours.”

Our story

When we started DMSS in 2017 there was only one goal: to create a community of like-minded marketers who are willing to share their knowledge with each other. Inspired by the energy of Bali and its communal vibes, we wanted to create an event that encourages skill share. Because we believe that by sharing our best knowledge with others, we all grow, become better, and drive positive change.

DMSS grew from a small community event in Bali in 2017, to a kick-ass conference in 2018 with 300 participants. Now in 2019, we are aiming even bigger, and adding new themes to the conference. From here we are intending to run events around the globe, spreading this innovative new concept of Skill Share, Digital Marketing and Mindfulness.

“At DMSS we are bringing together the most innovative thought leaders, that believe in pushing the frontiers of digital marketing while driving positive change through skill share. We do this by bringing the energy and vibe of Bali into the conference halls to create an open, inspiring and energetic playground for authentic connection and personal growth.”

Lisa Johannsen | Event Director of DMSS Conference

We believe in sharing what others hold back.

You can find a lot of information online (paid and free). But most of this info is outdated, impractical, nonsense to just pure fluff.
Why? Because many gurus are afraid to share their juicy secrets.

Digital Marketing is a technological frontier that constantly needs to be pushed. You must keep up to date with what’s working today, otherwise, you’re doomed.

We believe that by sharing our best knowledge with others, we all grow, become better, and drive positive change.

Our Founder.

The original idea for DMSS Conference was created by Brie Moreau. Coming from a corporate job as a successful senior SEO Strategist in Australia to Bali, in the quest for a more inspiring life, he created his own remote SEO agency White Light Digital Marketing. With the vision to bringing the inspiring and amazing people, that he had met on his journey as an entrepreneur, together to collaborate, Brie founded DMSS. Putting lots of sweat, vision, leadership and hard work into the project, DMSS has now grown into a globally recognised brand. The team behind DMSS will be forever grateful for his efforts, accomplishments, positive energy and kind character.  

It all started with Dojo Bali.

The original inspiration for DMSS Conference was born working in one of the best coworking spaces in the world: Dojo Bali. Positive vibes, barefoot mentality, a high degree of collaboration and members-for-members events inspired the team behind DMSS to set up an even bigger event – DMSS. Still sharing the same values, Dojo Bali and DMSS Conference work closely together to make this event outstanding.

Make sure to check out Dojo Bali to get some work done before or after DMSS! ??

Our Sponsors & Partners

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