Our mastermind day is designed to help aspiring and accomplished marketers alike to achieve their personal best and improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies and tactics.

A mastermind will allow you to discuss, feedback and develop your digital marketing strategy with peers and experts based on the premise of collective intelligence. You will be able to transform what you learned throughout the weekend into actionable next steps. Every participant will be able to join two groups to work on their most important challenges.

What to expect







Our Focus Groups

You will be able to choose 2 focus groups out of the following 6 groups, depending on where you feel your business needs help with.


Pitch your Search Engine Optimization questions and challenges.


This focus group will focus on your Pay-Per-Click questions.


Discuss anything Conversation Rate Optimization related.


Explore strategies and discuss learnings in this Business Development Focus Group.

Social Media

Discuss challenges and hacks around Social Media Channels and Campaigns.

Sales Funnels

Discuss any questions or learnings about Sales Funnels here.

How it works

Each participant will get to pitch their challenge and then receive feedback from the group.
This is valuable to receive outsider’s feedback on your blind spot, new ideas and input that you would have never thought of. As well as the experience and knowledge from others who have gone through the same challenge and transformation.

“The DMSS Mastermind is awesome! The inspiration and depth of knowledge are unparalleled. The mastermind is such a powerful addition to the conference, as it will equip you with specific action steps for your business.”

Helena | Facebook Ads Specialist

“It’s just amazing to experience the power of collective intelligence of so many smart minds from different industries. I’ve received so many valuable ideas of how to improve my marketing strategy and I feel super motivated to go home and implement all I’ve learned.”

Jack | Business Owner

Receive feedback on your business, processes and marketing strategies like you never have before!

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