Damien Forsythe

E-Commerce Consultant

Damien was born in The Bahamas and has worked or studied in America, Canada & UK. He has international experience in digital marketing & business consulting and injects his knowledge into every situation. Damien is an industry leader as the founder of the former Bahamas Internet Association. Through Damien’s international experiences, he has exposed himself to and learned from a variety of markets in the online business sector.

Damien is a business consultant with a specialization & proven experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile, branding, analytics & web design. Over past 10 years has worked across different sectors on multi-million dollar online ad campaigns as well as with startups & small businesses looking to grow their businesses online.

He holds a Business & E-Commerce degree from The University of New Brunswick (Canada) and has presented and taught at industry events and holds several certifications.